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Monday, October 15

T minus 20 days

October 15, 2007 Posted by Vaire

T minus 20 days.

I decided to start packing for real this weekend. I'd planned to do so this coming weekend, but with the association's welcome, I felt confident enough to go ahead now.

So I plunged in at the deep end and packed the books (most of them, actually). This may sound like a trivial task, but it took hours and in the end I had 24 big paper shopping bags worth of books packed. I haven't measured the volume, but that lot is about 12+ running metres.

This does not include most of my cookbooks or the *cough* 13 *cough* books I bought from various Amazons last month that have started arriving. Nor does it include books that I had bought in Ireland, they are still in the mail boxes they were shipped in from Dublin. I might repack them, though and use the boxes for kitchen stuff. And there are probably a few stacks of books in the basement I've forgotten about.

I'll find them eventually. It's not likely that I'll run out of the paper bags. I bought 96 of them from a grocery store. Why such an odd number? I spotted a pile of paper bags still wrapped with plastic straps and grabbed one bunch, thinking that even if I don't use all of them for books, they are convenient size to pack other things in too. The only downside is that they are not easily stackable, but if I tape them shut with packing tape, nothing should spill out.

Note to self: buy packing tape!


Mao and Ursus exploring the newly empty bookshelves

Mao and Ursus exploring the newly empty bookshelves.