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Friday, October 12

T minus 22 days

October 12, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I met the association yesterday and it went very well. My papers were in order, they liked me, I liked them and they welcomed me to the house. Monday's meeting is just a formality, I heard.

I was shown around the building yesterday and I was very impressed. The management really cares that association members enjoy living there. They have given serious thought about what different groups of people like, and then they've made plans to provide that.

For IT geeks like me there is free 1G Internet. 1G! That means 100M up/download. The fastest connection I have seen from regular internet providers is 24M download and 8M upload. Quite a difference, isn't it?

For TV geeks, 66 channels of digital TV (including my favourite Discovery channels), all for free.

For car owners, there is a garage. For bicycle owners there are outdoor and indoor spaces for them.

There are two different common laundry rooms with brand new machines. Two! One you have to book a time in, the other can be used whenever no-one else is using it. They have a ginormous washer for small rugs and blankets with correspondingly ginormous dryer in the bookable laundry room. They even have supplied the tennis balls for the dryer! The laundry rooms are soundproofed so one can use them even at night. As I was told: "We have people who work shifts and they need to use the laundry room too."

They have truly thought of everything, and then some extra.

There is a woodworking room in the cellar with a huge bench. This is just beyond belief! I can do bookbinding and SCA woodworking projects there without being concerned that I get sawdust all over the apartment. A woodworking room with a huge bench! It can't get any better...

But wait! It does!

The old laundry room is used as a common library where you can take whatever you like and leave the books that you don't want for others to take. Next year that room is going to be rebuilt into sauna complex with jacuzzi hot tub and lounge area. *insert dreamy sigh here*

The courtyard is also going to be rebuilt and will have three different garden areas. One with a grill to have picnics in, one to relax in and one in the middle.

Oh, and I've not even mentioned recycling, handicap access everywhere, child- and petfriendly atmosphere.

In a house like this, who cares if I don't have a separate bedroom, balcony or a bathtub? I don't.

If it is possible to be in love with an association, I'm in love!