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Monday, September 10

Weekend Update

September 10, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I've not entirely kicked the cold, but it is getting better. I still tire very easily and it's been busy weekend. I didn't have much energy to post on Friday.

On Thurdsay after work I met with Myra and her friend in a neighbourhood cafe. We talked and chatted and (they) knitted and I had a very good time. I was planning to take the Baby Bell Bottoms with me, but forgot. I definitely won't forget next time.

I've been looking for apartments and have decided to buy one in Gröndahl area. I believe I have good chances of getting a loan and finding an affordable apartment in that area should not be too difficult. I am keeping an eye on a few that have a perfect layout, are spacious enough, but not too big and the apartment complex has a solid economy.

I met with another friend on Friday for lunch and she has helped me enormously. She and her partner have bought and sold apartments and have accumulated lots of experience in the process. I rely heavily on their advice about the whole thing.

I have never asked for prayers/wishes/good thoughts before. This time I do, I need your support this time in my life, I must move out and soon. Please remember me in your prayers or wishes or thoughts. Thank you.