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Thursday, September 13

I got a loan guarantee! Woo!

September 13, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I visited my friend K yesterday. She had offered to dye my hair last week but we both were busy. The last time I had my hair dyed was in April and it was in desperate need of colour. I went for blue-black again, it is the safe choice — I've had it before and I know that it suits me. I have experimented with other colours, but I always return to black.

Today I had an appointment in Handelsbanken. I had applied for a loan to buy the apartment and today at the end of the meeting I got an official letter saying that they guarantee a loan. Of course there is a limit and they want me to become their full customer, but I have a guarantee that I can go ahead with the process! Woo!

I've chosen a few apartments on the market in Gröndal, I'll check them out on Sunday when they are being showed and decide if I want to bid on them.

Thank you for your good will/prayers/thoughts, please keep me in your thoughts a while longer. R has told me I need to move out by Christmas and the buying process can take a while. Even if I win a bid next week and finalise the loan, I might not be able to move in immediately.

Everything will be fine in the end, but right now the going is rough.