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Wednesday, September 26

I Bought an Apartment

September 26, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Woo! I bought an apartment and it is lovely! Thank you all for your good thoughts/wishes/prayers, I am sure they helped. The 47m2 apartment is in Hornstull area, on the first floor. The (minor) three minuses are: no balcony, no bedroom and no bathtub. The rest are only pluses! The price was less than my maximum so I can buy furniture too. If I can get an extra loan, I'll go wild in IKEA and buy everything at once. :)

On to the description.

It's got a newly renovated and big kitchen (woo! I can put a sofa in there!*) with brand new fridge, freezer and dishwasher. The hob and oven are in very good condition, but I might replace them in the future just to match the other appliances. I adore the wallpaper and curtains the previous owner has put up.

The bathroom was renovated this summer and it is a total dream. New everything, heated floor and the kind of showerhead I've been wanting to have. The tiles are marbled grey and simply stunning. Love!

Although I originally wanted a two room apartment, I decided to buy this one regardless. This one room is big enough to be divided up to two if I felt like it. It is big enough to have a four-poster bed in there and not feel cramped. Another dream come true there, I've wanted a four-poster for years. I'm planning to have a couple bookshelves, computer table, a sofa, sofa table and possibly a rocking chair also in there.

The entry hall is also spacious (well, compared to what I'm used to), has plenty of closet space to store all my fabrics, yarn and clothes. If it's not enough, I'll put one chest of drawers in the room. Yes, there's still space for that and more!

Can you tell I've been fantasising about furnishing the apartment and that I'm completely in love with it?

* I'll explain about kitchens and sofas later, when I'm not so bubbly and actually have coherent thoughts again.