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Tuesday, July 3

July 03, 2007 Posted by Vaire

These past two weeks have been some of most socially active I've ever had — something happens almost every day. I've got to start using my day planner again, because I've started to forgot what I've planned to do already.

That, unfortunately, means that I can't go to Gino's today either. We are invited to a dinner at friends' place tonight and I forgot that Stockholm knitters meet at Gino's on Tuesdays, otherwise I'd have suggested another date. Fortunately these dinners are more "Wanna come over for chow?" not "You are cordially invited..." type so we can always negotiate when they take place.

The food is no simple chow, though. With these people I know that I'll be having something fabulous and inspired. They also firmly believe that good ingredients are essential for making good food. They may not cook 10-course dinners, but some of the dishes I've had have been better than fancy restaurant dishes. I am looking forward to tonight's dinner with great eagerness.