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Friday, June 29

What a Week!

June 29, 2007 Posted by Vaire

This week's been fun, crazy and exchausting. The new colleagues are fabulous, work is interesting and learning new tools is challenging.

On Monday they greeted me with breakfast. They have a Monday breakfast tradition, but it's supposed to be on summer break so it was extra nice of them to organise it just because it was my first day.

Yesterday we went to Grönalund Tivoli for an evening of fun, the outing was organised and paid for by the company. This is the kind of employer I've been missing — arranging fun company events. The previous employer tried, but there were just too many people to organise. Nobody participated, apart from occasional pub visits, so they stopped trying.

Throughout the week the colleagues been friendly and very nice to me. I am very happy to have found this job. Happy that I'm home, happy that I've a partner like R, happy that I've two wonderful (crazy, but wonderful) cats, happy that I've got family like mine, happy that it's much easier to visit them now, happy that I've got a job I love and happy that I work with people like my colleagues. Happy, happy, happy.