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Wednesday, June 20

June 20, 2007 Posted by Vaire

We've arrived!

There have been no posts on Friday and Monday due to the lack of Internet and time. The last day at work was a blur of organising and handing things over. In the evening we went out to say goodbye to some of our friends.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were spent packing, with breaks of saying more goodbyes. Fortunately one of our SCA friends has a car and could take the boxes of books to send by post later. My colleague came for the yarn and fabric on Sunday. Even vacuum packed, there was more than I or her had expected. If she has no space in her car for all her stuff and mine, I'll make a trip to Dublin to pick some up.

At the airport I had a scare, SAS doubled the price of overweight on June 14th. I knew I'd need to pay for some overweight at the airport, but not this much. It was supposed to be 200 EUR, but the guy at the counter took the old price, 100 EUR. Phew!

The flight was uneventful and we took a taxi from the airport. We calculated a bit and decided that we didn't want to manage heavy and bulky luggage from subway to home. We had seven bags, a couple of them quite big and several quite heavy, only three with wheels on them. It would have been quite a project to lug everything uphill to our apartment.

We took it easy last night. Today we are going out to replenish some supplies.