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Wednesday, June 13

June 13, 2007 Posted by Vaire

T minus 6 days.

I'm exited and nervous about the move. I'm also trying very hard not to think of all the packing and re-packing that has to be done over the weekend. It's not too bad because the things got sorted and packed in the recent move, but I still have to make some very hard choices. I'm counting on R to talk me out of keeping some stuff.

b4 is no more, I'd miscalculated the amount of yarn and bought too little. So I ripped what I'd knit and changed tack. The safest way to knit a blanket if you don't know how much yarn one has is to begin in a middle.

I cast on 4 stitches on dpns, increased to 8 the next round, then to 16 on round 3 and knit a round. Thereafter I've increased 8 stitches every other round. When the circumference became too much for dpns, I continued with circulars using Magic Loop technique until it grew big enough to fill the whole length.

I'll continue until I'm about to run out of yarn and then I'll knit a few rounds of seed stitch to ease the curling of stockinette. I'm still hoping I can finish this before Tuesday.