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Saturday, January 14

January 14, 2006 Posted by Vaire

We took a house that we had viewed previously because the house we were supposed to view on Thursday became unavailable. We've signed the contract, paid the deposit and gotten the keys. (Insert sigh of relief here.)

The house needs some work to be done. Who in their right minds decorates in pink and green?! This person must really, really like green and pink. Living room, dining room, and two bedrooms have pink walls. Living room has green furniture and the whole house is carpeted in green, including two bathrooms. (Insert a scream of horror here.) Other than that, wherever you look, there is something green. For example the bath, sink and toilet in upstairs bathroom are army green.

If you are able to look past the solor combinations, then the house is superb. It's big, has brand new kitchen, lots of storage, big back yard and a garage; it is in a very good location and has soundproofed walls. It just needs somebody with a better color sense to love it.

The plan is to paint our bedroom this weekend and the common area next weekend. Then, the weekend after that we would move in. We're going out to buy a new lampshade, some paint and beddings today. It is a sunny day, so I'm planning to take my camera with me and show you how Tyrrelstown looks.