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Wednesday, January 18

January 18, 2006 Posted by Vaire

All four bedrooms are painted, the furniture is arranged and we will move in on Friday. I will be without Internet access for a week until the cable TV and modem are installed on the 28th. The downstairs remains to be painted, we'll tackle it on the weekend as we planned.

There was a change of plans regarding the bedroom arrangements — we made a discovery that the nice double bed in our room is too small for us. At only 140cm wide we both would not sleep comfortably. So we held a war counsel with all the future occupants and we decided that R and I get two single beds and our single guy will get the 1½ bed. The other couple gets the largest bed, which at 150cm wouldn't fit us either. (Yes, we are both keen on losing weight and are doing so.)

I didn't find cool bed stuff on Saturday, we got some bathroom racks and shelves instead. Hopefully I get lucky on Friday.