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Monday, October 17

October 17, 2005 Posted by Vaire

This is our last week here. I am getting exited to go back to Ireland. Sleep in my own (sort of) room, begin rollerblading, work in IBM office, watch Time Team, go to Dublin SCA meetings... (Insert a dreamy sigh here.) Can't wait.

Yesterday I visited a local Hucca weekly meeting. It was fun to discuss clothing, textiles and bookbinding again. Also it was very nice to meet old friends and make new ones. I wish I had known they met so close to the hotel, I would have gone to the meetings earlier.

R's scarf was finished on Wednesday. I cast on for a blue Raita scarf for myself right away, but I've been ripping it more than knitting. I was just not pleased with how it was turning out so I tried different stitch counts until I got what I was after.

R's scarf is 1x1 rib and mine is 2x2. I wanted my scarf to have common elements with a hat and mittens I'm planning, all knit from different colors of Raita. The hat will be red, the mittens light blue and the scarf is darker blue. The mittens and hat will be mostly stockinette with some 2x2 rib, the scarf is 2x2 rib throughout. Hopefully the whole thing will look somewhat like a set when I'm done.