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Monday, October 24

October 24, 2005 Posted by Vaire

There was some exitement getting to Ireland. The flight from Helsinki to Stockholm was late. So late that we landed when we were supposed to be at the gate for the Dublin flight. Fortunately the pilots had notified the other crew and they were waiting for us. It still wasn't fun to speedwalk from one end of the airport to the other. Flight to Dublin was late too, but it didn't matter for me, I was done.

The weekend was uneventful, apart from ripping up the triangualr scarf. I tried bigger needles, but that didn't work either. When I tried to knit two Novita Nalle Colori colorways together, it worked. Both yarns have the same colors — blue, red, green and yellow, but one of them is muted. On 6mm needles, they make a beautiful combination.

The first day at work here didn't start very well. Sure we had computers, but no accounts and we had no headsets. Half of the day was spent waiting. I did get some work done once I got my PC set up.

There will be no Internet access at the house at least until Christmas. I have no faith in getting it so fast. I have to continue at the Internet Cafe and bury the WoW disks deep that I wouldn't miss it so much.