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Wednesday, February 2

February 02, 2005 Posted by Vaire

We have two cats now. R's brother and sister-in-law are in Brazil for a month and we are taking care of Freddy while they are gone. Ursus didn't take it well first, he was hissing and spitting and arching his back. Now they are almost buddies, playing together. They are not cuddling, but that's not far in the future, I think.

Freddy and Ursus playing

Guess who has the upper hand?

World of Warcraft has announced their launch date. Yay! Soon. Soon I will be able to make permanent characters. I am planning to make at least four: an night elf druid, an orc shaman, a dwarf hunter and an undead mage. There are so many because there are so many aspects of the game I want to take part in. I have enjoyed the game immensely and am grateful to have had the opportunity to test it and play for free.

The February/March pattern for Six Sox Knitalong was unveiled yesterday. It is a fascinating concept and I will start knitting them as soon as I can get WoW out of my brain.