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Monday, January 24

January 24, 2005 Posted by Vaire

It is snowing here. Yippee! The weather has been dreadful so far — dark and dry or dark and rainy. I'm used to having much more snow in winters. One result of having apalling weather is that I have a flu. It's getting better, though.

Ursus got his first vaccination today. We are fortunate that the vet is 5 minutes walk away. Poor thing was scared of all the cars going by and making horrible noise. He yowled all the way there and back.

There has not been any knitting because now I am trying out different race/class/profession combinations. I know for sure that I will not play a human, a warlock and a warrior. Druid and shaman classes suit me much better and warlocks are pure evil. Leathercrafting and tailoring have been more fun than blacksmithing, so I'll go with those. I have had much fun exploring, discovering and interacting in the game. If you need a little bit of an escape from the real world, escape to World of Warcraft.