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Tuesday, August 17

August 17, 2004 Posted by Vaire

The test went relatively well. Everything was ok until we got to the last part — knowledge of Sweden. If I got 50% right I'm lucky, but I'm afraid I might fail the whole test because of it. For example I'd forgotten which lake is the biggest Vänern or Vättern. I'm not interested in sports, how I am I supposed to know if someone is a sportswoman or not? Etc. I am hoping that I'll pass, even if I didn't do so well at the last part.

Tina asked what went wrong with the Making Waves.

The pattern is fine, I just cast on an incorrect number of stitches. At the gauge I was knitting, the socks would not have fit me or anybody I know. At 64 stitches and on 2.25mm needles, the sock measured 15 cm in circumference. I should have cast on 88 stitches to fit my foot, which is 21 cm around. Other than that, the pattern is very easy to remember and knits up very well.

Since I don't want to knit these socks at that gauge, I went and bought some local yarn today after school. It is nameless natural silver 4-ply, smells strongly of sheep and looks a little uneven, almost like handspun. I love the subtle color variations in the yarn.

Silver yarn

It is beautiful and will make excellent winter socks. We'll see if I can get the number of stitches right this time.