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Wednesday, August 18

August 18, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Yesterday I cast on for the Making Waves once more; 64 stitches again, but on 3.25mm. So far so good. The yarn is a little bit thicker than I estimated — it should be knit on 3.5mm instead. At 3.25mm it is a little bit hard on the hands, but the resulting fabric is worth it.

First Making Waves Sock

You can play “spot the mistake” with this sock, I twisted one cable the wrong way. Fortunately it's not very obvious and I decided to leave it.

I have also decided to knit the pattern on the heel flap, but not on the instep. If the winter is not very cold or wet, I wear clogs and the pattern on the heel flap is spot on.

It was about time I put the link to the Bad-Ass Knitter's Manifesto on my blog. I heartily agree with everything Wendy says in the manifesto. The button comes from pixelFiber.