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Monday, June 7

June 07, 2004 Posted by Vaire

R has been into role-playing for at least a decade and he has a regular group of people to play with. Sometimes he is game-mastering, sometimes one or other of the group. They are not GM-ing the same campaign (story-line), each has their own. Some campaigns are set in fantasy worlds known from books like Middle Earth or Forgotten Realms. Sometimes they make up their own worlds.

The group that plays in one of R's ongoing campaigns has decided to meet every other Saturday for a session. As one of the three players decided he doesn't want to play anymore, I and another friend were asked to join. I made my character before Saturday and M made his before the game.

Now. I'm new to this, we didn't have role-playing in Soviet Union. These guys have been playing for ages, I'm just trying to comprehend what's going on. It is fun to watch them play/act, though. In future I hope I can contribute more than just fighting. Of course, sometimes R forgets that I know nothing and spouts cryptic remarks at me. When I ask, everybody are very kind and helpful explaining what's going on.

The journal is meant as my character's journal. I took notes while playing and now I am trying to decide which hand should I use for writing. I have to find a mechanical calligraphy pen or some ink for my ink pens also. So I have time to decide.

About knitting. I have finished one Critter Knitters blanket, there is some progress on hose and I've knit two pattern repeats past heel on Cloverleafs.