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Friday, June 4

June 04, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Progress on hose: I have now knit 6 cm total of one.

Progress on Critter Knitters blanket: I have knit 7 cm past the half mark, 39 cm to go.

Progress on Cloverleafs: none.

I was making a game journal bound in Carolingian style instead. Unfortunaely I can't finish it by tomorrow's game, I don't have a paring knife to pare the edges of the cover leather. I tried to use all my knives that could possibly work, but neither was sharp enough.

R attempted to console me: it's ok — you can write in it, it has leaves, it's a book.

Me: yeah, but it's unfinshed and ugly!

See for yourselves:

Uncovered book block, Carolingian style sewing

Actually, it doesn't look half bad in this light. You can't see the pencil arrows on covers or smudges or all the ends sticking up which ever way.

Next week I'll try to find a knife and put a good leather cover on it.

I have now noticed that I have forgotten the headbands. It is good then, that I didn't ruin the leather by paring where the tabs should be.