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Friday, February 3

It's All About The Tools

February 03, 2017 Posted by Vaire ,

It is amazing how much faster it goes to make something with tools you enjoy using. Case in point: these two pairs of socks, one took 6 months, and I've been working on the other for only a week and I'm already half way through.

My preferred method of knitting socks is on DPNs, but last year I wanted to try out the two at a time on circular needles. I purchased two sets of 2.25 mm needles, one 60 cm length and one 80 cm length to see which one I like more. Turns out, neither. Addi Sock Rockets are just too sharp for the way I knit and while I managed not to poke an actual hole in my finger, they are very painful to knit on.

Relax Sox

I did want to finish the socks this year (after they'd languished for months), so I struggled on until I really wanted to finish these socks, and switched to Addi metal DPNs at the toe of the second sock. I do like how they turned out, but I remember the pain when I look at them. :(

Happy Socks

As soon as I was done with the previous pair, I cast on these and there is no pain while knitting, just joy. If I'd bought Addi Premium in 2.25 mm circulars, I would not have the poking problem. I love those tips, they are just perfect for me. However, I wasn't enjoying knitting socks on two circulars either. I gave it a fair try, but I prefer to knit with 5 DPNs because the circle they make is more flexible than one formed by a cable and two needle tips of circulars.

Knitting socks concurrently goes so fast, knitting on good tools goes so fast, and I love the yarn. I am calling these my Happy Socks because knitting on them makes me happy. I am glad I gave an alternate method a try, because I learned from it. I may give two at a time another try with blunter needles. Maybe. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, I've already planned out my next two pairs of socks, knit on DPNs.