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Friday, September 16


September 16, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

My SIL asked me to knit a teddy for my niece for Christmas last year. I finished it on the ferry over and completely failed to remember to take a photo once I'd arrived. I did remember this summer when I went for a visit.


The yarn I used is Regia North Pole Colour, which gave me the idea for Jääkaru (polar bear in Estonian). There is another play on words/colour here as well. Literal translation for jääkaru is ice-bear and this yarn reminded me so much of winter ice with layers of snow.

The pattern I used is Arne and Carlos' Teddy. I made the ears look smaller and the face embroidery look more like a polar bear. I am very happy with how it turned out, and so was my SIL. The actual recipient is still too small to care one way or another.