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Monday, August 8

TdF Damage to My Wallet

August 08, 2016 Posted by Vaire

Tour de Fleece is of course good for spinning productivity, but all those wool fumes can get to you. They definitely got to me and I ordered four lots of fibre. The first one was from All The Pretty Fibers on Etsy.

Red Merino

I wanted more red fibre to spin yarn that I could make into stuff for myself. I love spinning all sorts of colour, but I still only wear black and red.

I wanted a third shade of red merino to combine with the other two I already had. The plan is to make rolags with the three shades, and then spin long draw.

Black Silk

I also wanted to add some black to the mix and chose black silk instead of wool.


This shetland caught my eye while browsing the shop. Red and green on light grey. Beautiful! I could not resist. While I have a plan for the other two purchases, I am not quite sure how to approach this one.

Do I preserve the colours? Or do I go for barberpoles? Do I spin straight from the top or do I split it first for shorter colour repeats? Chain ply? Fractal? Crepe or a cable? I'll figure it out. Eventually.