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Friday, July 8

TdF 2016, Days 6 and 7

July 08, 2016 Posted by Vaire , ,
TdF 2016, Day 6

Some steady progress. I have met my goals every day so far.

TdF 2016, Day 6

Draft #6. Today’s variant of short backwards draft went quite smoothly. It’s still not my favourite because I don’t like the body movements, but I achieved much better consistency with this than with any other variant.

Plied the first two singles to free up the bobbins for the next two. Did a plyback test a few times and I love how it looked. This is going to be a very interesting yarn.

TdF 2016, Day 7

Draft #7. The merino was a bit sticky and uneven to draft, but another draft is done. I attribute the stickiness to my lack of skill at making the rolags, so some practice is in order.

Started on the second part of the cable and got the first single spun.