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Friday, July 15

TdF 2016, Days 10 to 14

July 15, 2016 Posted by Vaire , ,

Where did the week go?

Project Bags

On Sunday after I'd finished the spinning, I made a box bag that I've had in my mind for a while now. I've made a box bag before, but it was so long ago that I went back to the pattern to refresh my my memory.

Rest Day

On Monday was the rest day in Tour de Fleece and I was still in the sewing mood. So I made a wedge bag for my spindle spinning projects. The pattern I learned about from a Mandobug podcast.

TdF 2016, Rest Day 1

Both bags are hand sewn, and I'll be making more of both patterns. I've had the fabrics for those for ages, I've just not been inspired enough to make them up.

Day 11

Choosing merino for practicing from the fold techniques was not the best decision I've ever made, but I have come so far, I am not going to quit now.

TdF 2016, Day 11

Second ply finished for cable miniskein.

Day 12

The final from the fold draw is done. This was actually the nicest one of the short backward draws and the nicest one of from the fold. I'll be using this again, but not with merino. Definitely something with a longer staple.

TdF 2016, Day 12

And then I made confetti! I love this yarn. It was fun to spin and it looks awesome. I am super pleased how it turned out.

Day 13

The penultimate draw. As you can see, I had a rocky start and used up most of the fibre before I reached the other end of the bobbin. Very unintentionally thick-and-thin in the beginning, but it evened out towards the end.

TdF 2016, Day 13

Started the second mini skein of the rainbow fibre, this one will be a crepe.

Day 14

I did it! I made it to the end of the Craftsy class From Worsted to Woolen, and I spun every draft along the way. I'll probably chain ply all of them, but maybe I should do a 2-ply instead?

TdF 2016, Day 14

The second S single for the crepe is also done.