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Monday, June 20

Interlude with Socks and Cold

June 20, 2016 Posted by Vaire , ,

Colds suck, have I mentioned that before? Colds suck extra when you have to miss out on stuff because of them. There was this super fun party I was invited over the weekend... Yeah. I stayed home. Double suckage.

Enough of whinging. Remember all the things I cast on in January? No? No worries, here's a link. Since the winter lasted only three weeks this year, I only managed to make a start before I didn't need them any more.

Fabel Print Socks

But winters are usually a yearly occurrence and it is likely there will be another. I have slowly continued to knit some on those projects after I finished the gift shawl.

Plain socks in Fabel Print, colour #672. Love the red. I hope there is going to be enough of winter to put them to use next year.