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Wednesday, June 29

Fibre Haul

June 29, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

In preparation for Tour de Fleece 2016 I spun up 789 grams of wool, and bought 1788 grams of wool top. So, I did spin up a nice amount, but I loved the BFL so much that I went and bought more. And then I stumbled upon some other breeds I had not tried before, and then the middle colour of a gradient I'd ordered first didn't work, so I bought three more tops to make sure one of them would work.

Fibre Pile

And then I stopped myself at looking at more pretties on Etsy. Some of the fibre hasn't arrived yet, but hopefully it'll get here soon. Oh! And amongst all that fibre frenzy I also bought a diz to make roving using my blending board or top using my combs. At least that's not more wool, but a tool that I was needing. My attempts at taking off top from the combs are a bit uneven, a diz would help with that.

I am giving 200 grams (or perhaps more) of wool away as a TdF prizes, but still... I need to increase my spinning productivity even more to keep up with the purchases. And curb the purchasing, of course, but that is not always successful, as the above shopping spree demonstrates.

This is going to be a very exiting spinning summer for me. I have so many techniques I want to try out, and so. much. wool. to try it out on. ;)