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Wednesday, January 20

Knit Your Shit 2016

January 20, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

Besides finishing off some spinning projects, knitting startitis struck big time. This usually concides with the start of winter and most often manifests in socks. This time it hit harder than usual.

Deco Gloves

First off — a pair of gloves. The gloves I have now are perfectly fine, but they are not red. That has to be remedied with a glove pattern I have admired for a while. The true beauty of these will be revealed once I get past the short rows.

Fabel Socks

Next is a pair of socks. One can never have too many socks.

Linus & Lace

This is the only Koigu I've ever had, and it is my third attempt at knitting with it. It has held up beautifully to being ripped twice and reknitted. The previous two attempts were cowls, but I have discovered, that I need easily removable accessories in Stockholm public transit. Wearing all the wool appropriate for -15 outside gets really hot really fast in the metro train. Cowls are simply too much effort to quickly remove and put on.

This pattern is very easy and perfect mindless knitting. I only have 100 g of Koigu, so I have decided to extend it by knitting a black lace section after I run out of the red. I may or may not spin the black yarn myself if i can not find some black Koigu or suitably soft black fingering yarn.