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Monday, December 21

Embroidery Thread, 2015

December 21, 2015 Posted by Vaire , ,

Here they all are — the embroidery thread that I spun this year. 15 skeins, 2 grams each, in 6 months does not look like a lot of thread, but there are a good few hours of spinning in there. I started this project during Tour de Fleece and finished last week.

Embroidery Thread


  • Fibre: 100% merino.
  • Size: 23-39 metres per 2 grams.
  • Draw: short forward draw.
  • Plies: mostly 2, but one 3-ply opposing ply, and one 4-ply cable.
  • Method: singles spun onto quills, plied from those quills, and finished with Andean plying bracelet.
  • Finish: washed by squishing in soapy water, rinsed, hung to dry without weights.
Embroidery Thread

I loved spinning these* and I've found that this type of project is the best ever travel project. A couple of grams of fibre with a tiny spindle will easily fit into my pocket. Spinning onto quills means that I don't need to wind off or use several shafts to store the singles on. Using a groove on the shaft for half hitch instead of a hook means no metal to ping the metal detectors at airports.

Embroidery Thread

I have plenty more colours in my stash to spin up in 2016, and I must restrain myself from starting any new thread spinning projects this year. The holiday knitting has to be finished first.

* Except the 4-ply cable in the most boring brown ever, but that was about the colour, not the structure.