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Friday, November 13

KEME Test Knit #1

November 13, 2015 Posted by Vaire , ,

As soon as I heard about this project Knitting in the Early Modern Era: materials, manufacture and meaning (KEME) on Ravelry, I signed up. How could I not? It combines my love for research and my love for knitting in a way I have dreamed of for years.

To my delight, I was accepted as a re-enactor, and was asked to test knit a pattern. The first test knit cap was form a modern pattern that approximates a 16th century shape, but not very well. I chose to use 8/2 wool which felts beautifully, and makes a fabric that is really nice weight for a hat.

KEME first test knit

This is why the pattern produces a modern cap: big wedges like this are not present in any period hats I've seen nor visible on any photos high res enough to see the stitches.

KEME first test knit

Another reason this cap is modern: ribbing. Again, not present in any caps I have seen. Also ribbing is generally dated to 17th century, not 16th.

Other than the quibble about the modernness of the first pattern, I'm enjoying the discussions and test knitting for this project immensely. I can hardly wait until I'm able to see some really good quality photos of extant caps and perhaps be able to reverse engineer some period patterns! The excitement is building!