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Monday, November 2

Akerworks 3D-printed Bobbins

November 02, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,
Akerworks 3D bobbins

They arrived last week and they are just as beautiful as I'd thought they'd be. My only regret is repeating colours. I should have ordered the lace size lotus in another colour than yellow. It is stunning, but this whole set would be more fun with more variation in colour.

Akerworks bobbins

It's dark here in the evenings, so I had to wait until the weekend to take any photos.

Akerworks bobbins

But I didn't wait to start using them already.

Akerworks bobbins

I had to very carefully push the singles back on the bobbin core to be able to remove the end and use it in some of the photos.

Akerworks 3D-printed Orifice Threader

My photography assistant was very interested in helping out and provided some action shots.*

Akerworks bobbins

Gorgeous, aren't they? I am so pleased with them that I've placed another order to complete my collection. I want one of each six patterns for both sizes and another lace size lotus in orchid. That will make 6 standard bobbins and 9 lace from Akerworks plus one of each size from Hansencrafts. This way I can have several 2-ply or 3-ply singles projects going on regardless of the size of the singles.

* No bobbins or orifice threaders were harmed during the photo shoot.