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Monday, September 28


September 28, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

Last week my new employer sent a lot of us to training in Malta. Gorgeous place, very hot and dry, very yellow. The bedrock is yellow limestone, the buildings are yellow limestone blocks, the terrace walls are yellow limestone, the fields are yellow. It is so very different from the green of Scandinavia (all those trees we have) and so very beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen sea this blue.


The tourist shops had many items made from the stone, but I obtained an unworked piece of Malta yellow limestone. It represents what Malta is, and what it is made of. It's just a yellow chip of stone, but for me it is more beautiful than the carved stuff in stores.

On the same street as our hotel, there was this shop with porcelain figurines and blown glass stuff in their window. Since I was browsing the tourist traps to kill time without any intention to buy anyway, I went in. Turns out it was connected to a furniture/art store with a front to another street. So I got an idea to buy a painting of Malta, not just take photos. Sadly there were not many paintings of Maltese places, but I did find one I liked.

Valletta, Malta

An oil painting of Valletta (no, I didn't get to visit this time). This reminds me so much of Old Town in Tallinn. The narrow street, the houses built of limestone, the way the light falls. So gorgeous... I fell in love and had to bring it home with me.