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Friday, September 18


September 18, 2015 Posted by Vaire , , ,

My SiL is a great fan of AC/DC and thanks to her I visited Finland this summer. It was awesome, both the concert and the trip with my family. Although I've moved on to some heavier music over the years AC/DC remains one of my favourite bands.

TdF 2015 & AC/DC

The band is as awesome as ever, the music fantastic, the show fun, and I got to share this experience with 55000 people from all over the world.

TdF 2015 & AC/DC

I'd had a bit of trouble deciding what to take with me — knitting or spinning. Spinning won. In the end I was not sure if the Finnish security at the airport would let metal knitting needles pass or not. I decided not to risk it. If they'd objected to the wood shaft, I could simply remove the whorl and made a new stick once back at home.

TdF 2015 & AC/DC

The concert was over at about midnight. This was the view on the way back to the town we parked our car in. The closest one could get to the concert was about 3 km away. My feet were absolutely killing me by the time we got back to the car. Wrong kind of shoes, I have learned through much pain, will make one's life miserable. I'll be much better prepared for next concert.