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Wednesday, July 15

Procrastination at It's Finest

July 15, 2015 Posted by Vaire , ,

I have a self-imposed deadline for the next pair of trousers — they must be finished next Tuesday. Have I cut them out? No. Have I finished at least one tailor's ham for pressing? No.

Tailor's Pressing Tools

But I've cut them out of my precious fabric. See? Progress! The only thing is that these should have been finished months ago.

Archaic Estonian Embroidery Pin Cushion

So, what do I do right after cutting them out? Do I start sewing?

Archaic Estonian Embroidery Pin Cushion

Of course not! I decide that I absolutely must have a new pin cushion. Embroidered in the style of the oldest known Estonian embroidery.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with my brain. Why is it so hard for me to work to deadlines on my private projects?. Why do I keep putting things off till the last minute and then panic sew? Why do I keep doing this to myself? Gah!

P.S. The pin cushion is gorgeous, and I am kicking myself into gear. These trousers must be finished on time!