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Wednesday, May 13

Wee Pouches

May 13, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

As gifts to my hosts in Dublin I wanted to make something easily transportable, useful, and pretty. I got an idea to make some small silk pouches and set upon some research. These relic pouches and this red relic pouch in particular (scroll down a bit to the small pouches) caught my eye.

Everyone has something precious that needs a pouch, doesn't they? And I have an abundance of small silk scraps. So, I set about making some small pouches. Hand sewing silk and linen is pure joy, I had forgotten how much I love sewing those. I made the strings too, fingerlooping, of course. Sadly, I don't have appropriate silk to use for this, fine crochet cotton had to do.

Red Pouch

Red pouch. Shape copied from the red relic pouches in the inspiration pictures.

Blue Pouch

The shape is from the red and green silk coin purse from Cologne.

Gold Pouch

Full circle shape from the book Purses in Pieces by Olaf Goubitz, size according to the inspiration pouches.

They were so quick to make and so much fun, pure joy. I am definitely going to make more. I have plenty more silk scraps to use up and there are many more pouch patterns to explore.