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Friday, May 22

Field Test

May 22, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

Wow! I had forgotten how nice it is to wear clothes that fit. Gaining weight so slowly, I didn't notice that my clothes had become actually too small. I just thought they were bit tight.

First Proof of Concept Trousers

What a difference to wear clothes that are comfortable and fit. Liberating! I love the leg length and the swish and the freedom of movement in these.

First Proof of Concept Trousers

The front falls absolutely perfectly, but there is one tiny bit that I need to fix before making more trousers from this pattern. See those folds at the back at the upper thighs? They are hard to see, but they mean that the back rise is too long. Also, when you look at the hem, it is so obvious that the back is too long.

To fix this I am not going to undo the elastic again, I am going to make a horizontal dart that reduces the back length about 3-4 cm. To determine the exact number, I'm going to first pin the dart, then try them on, and make adjustments if needed.

After that I'm going to wear the trousers again and see how they fall then. If I'm happy with that, I'm going to make the next pair with the corrected pattern.