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Monday, September 29


September 29, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

Ever since I moved the two candle lanterns from bathroom to the window, I've been looking for an alternative. They didn't really fit there and I already had candle holders on the window sill. I had thought to find something to hang from the curtain rod, something that I could change the shades on when I wanted something different.

Looked online and in stores, but found noting that took my fancy or even worked with the curtain rods. So, I gave up on that idea and started looking for a lamp to put on the sill instead. I kept on looking for a lamp with a spherical base when a lamp that looked like a rose petal caught my eye. I made the lowest possible bid on it, thinking that if someone else bid on it, I'd let it go.

Window Lamp

As you can see, no one did bid on it and it came in time.

Window Lamp

I looks kinda blah during the day, but it looks fantastic during the night. I went and got a LED bulb for it that gives only a little light. This lamp is meant for ambient light, not task light for the chair. Surprisingly, the 15W equivalent LED bulb is quite bright, but it does look lovely at night when lit.

Window Lamp

The shade has double layered cover. The upper layer resembling nylon stockings both in colour and structure, the under layer is red silk that only shows at night. Sadly, it is ripped, stained, and badly faded. Hence the dilemma: should I recover the shade, destroying the original vintage one, or let it be? If I were to recover, I'd use the finest white linen I have, and a piece of red silk. The white top layer would show up better against the window during the day than the current buff one.

I am having a really hard time with the idea of destroying something original, but the upper layer is really ugly kind of faded pinkish buff colour. White would be so much better for the top with the red under layer to show when the lamp is lit. But how can I rip out something nearly 100 years old?