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Friday, June 6

Summer Preparations

June 06, 2014 Posted by Vaire , ,

The weather has been a bit erratic lately, but it is warming up. So I decided that it was about time I did something with the balcony.

Summer Balcony

New flowers, a bit of a clean, put the cypress out, and there you are. I'll probably move the cypress to the other end soon, but for now, I just want to keep an eye on it easily. Besides, the plants are just so pretty, I don't want hide them around the corner.

Things left to do: get a rug, or a wood deck, or both. The grey concrete is pretty, but it is so very cold and hard under feet. I want something that withstands the seasons and lets the water through, and is pretty. So far, a solution has proven to be elusive, but it'll come. One day I shall find exactly what I am looking for.