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Monday, May 12

Of Projects and Bags

May 12, 2014 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Over the weekend I hand sewed a cushion insert for my crochet pillow and a project bag. (I completely forgot to take a photo of the cushion while I was taking photos this weekend.) Blue fabric with a silver floral print for the bag came from my stash and the grey print lining is one of the fat quarters I bought for project bags last week. Sewing this bag by hand has confirmed again that hand sewing this kind of cotton fabric sucks, but still sucks less than sewing with a machine.

Project Bag

I had plenty of fabric before, but it's all linen, silk and wool for medieval clothing, not suitable for project bags that I had in mind. I bought enough fabric and fat quarters to make more than one bag. I wanted one for socks, big enough for two at a time on dpns, and a few for spinning. I always have many ongoing projects, but only two project bags and I got tired of having to move the projects around each time I needed to grab one to work on outside the home.

Project Bag

This one came out teensy bit too small for two socks at a time, but I have more fabric and this size is perfect for spinning projects. The fat quarter lining is so smooth and slick, the yarn slips through so easily even when the drawstring is closed. That is an excellent quality for spinning project bags as well, the fibre is less likely to stick to the bag that way.

Project Bag

Every time I try to take pictures of something, Sona is there. He has become very skilled at blocking the light and photobombing. He has to inspect everything that's laid out and then hangs around to see how many scritches he can get before I lose my patience and relocate him to about half a metre away from the subject. He then observes me until he loses interest and leaves or I lay out something else to be photographed. Then the whole process repeats.