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Monday, May 19

More New Spindles

May 19, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

This is the spindle that inspired the spindle making frenzy earlier this year:

New Spindle

Carnelian whorl, rosewood shaft, and gold filled hook by Zebisis Designs. It is even more gorgeous live than on the photos. I haven't tried it out yet because I've been diligent and intend to finish off the From the Fold part of the Great Batt Experiment. So far, I do not like spinning from the fold. At all. It may be the prep or it may be my inexperience. I only have the third ply of the 3-ply left to spin and then I can ply it, finish the samples, and knit the swatches. After that I have free range to choose my next project(s).

The journey of this spindle was long and arduous — it travelled the continents and the Atlantic Ocean three times before it arrived at its destination. The first package was sent back as "unclaimed". I never got the package notice! The seller was very patient in dealing with me and my frustration. I am happy with the customer service and I'll probably order from her again.

I also ordered some fibre with the spindle. I had no experience with rolags made with a blending board and I adore the colours.


It is a blend of many fibres and as soon as I decide if I shall spin them on the wheel or on a spindle, I'll give them a try. The colours are fabulous and the rolags should make an interesting textured yarn. I fully expect it to be lumpy and uneven, that is going to be one of the intentional features.

But that's not all! She included some silk in the package as a surprise.

White Silk

Silk! I've never tried to spin silk before, I've never even dared to buy some to try in the future when I'm more experienced. Now I have lots to try. I want to spin this as fine as I possibly can. More practice is required before I shall attempt this.

Even that is not all! She included more goodies in the second package. I did not expect this, I just wanted my spindle and rolags. I am impressed that she added anything to begin with, and floored by the amount of her generosity.

Black Silk

More silk. Black, my favourite colour. This will be treasured and made into something lovely.

New Spindle

A gorgeous spindle with Tiger Eye whorl, rosewood shaft, and gold filled hook. I haven't tried this one yet either. I did give both spindles a little twirl with commercial yarn, just to see how they spin. Both are so smooth and lovely.

Tour de Fleece 2014 starts very soon and my goal is to spin lots with my new spindles. This year I have many spindles and can have many projects at the same time. I want to spin some of my fibres to make room for more goodies, and I also want to experiment with different preps and drafts and yarn structures. This year I don't have to remove any cops to start a new project, I have plenty of spindles now.