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Wednesday, April 9

Antelopes On My Window

April 09, 2014 Posted by Vaire , ,

Browsing auction sites can be occasionally taxing on one's wallet. There are times when there is nothing there that I need or that catches my eye, and then there are times when my bank account takes several hits. First, there was the chair, and now these. But this is why I have a special fund for finds like these.


I found these candle holders on an auction site that I don't visit that often and I fell in love immediately. However, I showed remarkable self restraint and did not place a bid right away, but took the time to think about why on earth would I buy more candle holders when I have so many already. Especially when these two will probably not be used for holding candles due to that spike that is not compatible with modern candles with aluminium crimps.


I waited, and pondered, and waited, and weighed pros and cons. The pros won. (Obviously. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.) I wanted something more for the window sill than just the tree. It had to be not easily breakable should Sona push it off. (It's a wonder that my round lantern still has glass after being accidentally pushed off twice.) It had to be not too big. Preferably something sculptural or geometric. Preferably not a candle holder/stick.


These tick all the boxes. They are metal, possibly iron, with hammered finish and painted green. They are kinda minimalistic, but still capture the essence of the antelopes so beautifully. They kinda remind me the horse from Wintersmith. They are also just the right size, small enough not to hinder Sona from watching the birds, and big enough to be visible from the entrance door. They also complete the window sill decor in a way I did not expect. The only bad thing about these is that they are so difficult to photograph against the light. They look a thousand times better IRL than on the photos.

I love the worn green paint and old candle wax. I love things with a history. Things that could tell tales. I like new and shiny as well, but after living in the previous flat with 100% IKEA stuff bought in two trips, I kinda appreciate the old things even more now. There has popped up a new buzzword on the design blogs lately: layers. I think that one should not only have layers of colour or texture, but also layers of time, to make one's place a cosy home.

Since I have only one item with me that I have inherited from my ancestors, and my first flat was very rushed, I'm taking my time now to both acquire things with history and things that are new to build the layers of time that I want. I want a blend of inherited, second hand, and new things that makes it look as if I've lived in this flat for far longer than I have. So far it's coming along quite nicely.