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Monday, March 31

More Chair Talk

March 31, 2014 Posted by Vaire , , ,

This weekend I got tired of Sona using the ottoman and the Art Deco chair as his preferred scratching posts. I rummaged around in my linen closet and dug out a couple of old things. One is a thin cotton printed with Celtic-ish knot work that I've been itching to use for years, and the other a wool throw from Ikea.

Art Deco chair under cover

Since the green throw was a little too small for the Art Deco chair, I moved it to the ottoman and put the thin cotton cloth over it. It's not optimal colour or pattern, and does not deter Sona at all, but at least the green throw on the ottoman works and I have something to catch the cat hair on the Art Deco chair.

High chair

The old Ikea throw was a little too narrow when I first put it on and I found myself thinking: "Maybe I should go and buy another to make it wider". Then I remembered that I'd washed it and it's now somewhat fulled, but it actually was two layers stitched together with running stitch. I spent two days unpicking the stitched rows and separating the fulled layers, leaving one edge still sewn together. It is much darker than I want for the chair, but it is so much nicer than the old green one was.

The corner with the bed is supposed to be the only corner with straight up black, so I'm going to be on the lookout for some nice tight weave cotton to make tailored slip covers for my chairs and the ottoman some day. The throws will do for now, but the colours are important to me and right now I'm not entirely happy with either one. When I removed the green cover, it hit me how beautiful the chair was in its grey striped fabric, but because it's not removable, I must protect it somehow, and the Art Deco chair is incredibly filthy. These covers will do for now.