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Friday, January 10

Winter Vacation

January 10, 2014 Posted by Vaire , , , ,

This year I took three weeks of vacation over the holidays instead of the usual two. The long break has allowed me to reload and relax. On Monday I shall be going back to work and it feels like I'm ready to face the stress again.

I visited the family over Christmas and had a good time. They liked their gifts and I loved theirs to me. I count that as a success because they are all very hard to gift things to. I am not there, so I don't see if they might need something, or hear them say: 'Oh, I like this thing here'. Next year I'm taking the stress out of gifts and instituting a mandatory "letter to Santa" for everyone, regardless of age.


Even though I loved all the gifts I got, one gift stood out from the rest, because it was for the flat. My aunt gave me an ink drawing that is so perfect, I went and put it up immediately.

Ink drawing

Black and white. Check. Cats. Check. I had a perfect spot for it. Check. I have other art I planned to put up there, but I was procrastinating framing it. I have plenty of empty wall space to fill, so all my art will eventually find their places.

During the vacation I've also been knitting and making an inventory of my yarns. I've come to the conclusion that I have way too much sock yarn and must knit some up. I have enough yarn for 25 pairs of socks. This includes weights from fingering to aran, but I counted only yarn that I am planning to knit socks with. 25 pairs! And that doesn't count the two pairs that I'm working on right now. Or the scraps that are probably enough for more than a couple pairs...

I better get knitting, don't I?