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Monday, November 4

Gothy Chesterfield Progress

November 04, 2013 Posted by Vaire ,

I was nearly there. This weekend I finished the knitting part of my Chesterfield, but the first time I tried it on, I was disappointed. The sleeves are too long and the neckline in front is too high, the whole sweater is too long as well. It is because the yoke is too deep for me. The only way to fix that is to rip it out, do some maths and knit the yoke again.

I am pleased with how the sleeves turned out, and the body fits perfectly if I pull it up 5 cm. I know that unless I fix the yoke, I'm never going to wear it, the yarn is too scratchy to put up with a pullover that doesn't fit right. Yes, I've decided not to steek this one after all. I don't think that I can make the ribbing look nice and a zipper would ruin the visual impact of the horizontal bands.

Gothy Cesterfield

So, this was the progress so far on Saturday, part of which is going to be ripped out as soon as I can stomach undoing all that work. Oh, and Sona chewed through the yarn TWICE this weekend. Bastard cat. Mumble, mumble, curses.