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Friday, October 11


October 11, 2013 Posted by Vaire , ,

Remember when I went overboard with flowers in the Summer? No? No worries, here's how it was:

Summer Balcony

Many big boxes overflowing with all sorts of flowers. Way too many. The individual flowers got lost in the mass, and all that watering! Some days I had to water twice a day to keep all flowers happy. Not good for me or for them.

I have learned my lesson:

Autumn Balcony

More space for the flowers to shine individually, fewer kinds, less watering. Perfect.

I took down the bigger boxes and stored them in the basement. I may use one or two next Summer, but probably not all three together in this configuration. I moved the cypress inside to protect it from the winds and cold. If it survives the Winter and being gnawed on by Sona, it gets to go outside again next year.

I love having a balcony. I love having the option of having plants that can go outside in the Summer. I love having enough light to have plants inside all year round.

Plant on a shelf

This little thing seems to be happy in the book shelf, even though it rarely gets any direct sunlight. The light levels are not optimal, so I have to turn it once in a while for it to get light evenly. That's why it's leaning a bit, it'll straighten itself out soon.

I just love this place.