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Wednesday, April 10

Spinning, Knitting, and Sona.

April 10, 2013 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Last Autumn two of my colleagues had babies and I promised to knit them an item out of my baby book. This Spring another colleague is about to have a baby and since I had some yarn left over from the blanket she asked for, I asked if she would like to have something new made from that yarn.

Baby hat and scarf

She remembered there being a matching hat and a scarf and asked for those. Previously she chose only the blanket, so now she got the complete set. She kinda jumped the queue because she's leaving this week and I wanted to finish her items before she left.

Donkey jacket

I've also been making the first promised jacket. The knitting itself went really fast, but putting it all together took for ever. It felt like sewing a million little fiddly bits, and it's still not done. I have to undo and re-sew the first shoe (again), sew the second shoe, put on buttons, then wash and dry everything. This is probably the only Donkey Jacket that I'll ever knit. It's insanely cute, though.

Spinning and Sona

When all those little fiddly seams get to be too much, I've been spinning. Sona, of course, has to come and inspect the spindle every time I pull it out. I am so incredibly lucky that he leaves it alone after the quality control check.

Spinning and Sona

He did try to entice me to play with him when I was taking pictures for my stash, but I did not bite. As it is right now, I can leave wool and WIPs in baskets uncovered, and he does not mangle them. He's got his toys and none of them are wool because I do not want to make wool = play association in his brain. The toys are either bought or cotton balls, so ball = play is there, but he leaves my balls alone for now and I want to keep it that way.

He seems to really thrive here as a single cat. He's so much more content, alert, happy, and playful than before. The last bit means that I have to get him a toy that we can play together. Lately he's been trying to invite me to play with him (usually right after I've gone to bed), and tossing the balls for him is not good enough any more.