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Monday, January 21

Some Knitting, Part I

January 21, 2013 Posted by Vaire ,

There has not been only interior decoration things going on, I've also knit a bit. Some people have needed gifts, some people I have promised things, and I needed a new hat.

Gifts first. The hat that I knit for Dad, sadly remains photo-less. This forgetting to take photos of his gifts is becoming an annoying tradition.

Nephew's Collar

I did not forget to take a photo of a collar I knit for my nephew. SiL bought the yarn and asked me to knit this as a gift for K. The knitting pins I took with me to Estonia were the wrong size, so I sent the finished collar by post.

All the while I was knitting it, it looked so small that I was afraid that it won't fit. But fit it does, and has a little room to grow into as well. It'll probably be too small come next Winter, but it fits now, and that's what's important.

Jacket with donkey ears

Two colleagues got babies in the Autumn, and according to my tradition, have chosen things from my "baby book". One chose the Jacket with donkey ears, that I've been itching to knit for a while now. I'm knitting the 1 year size, so it'll fit the baby next Autumn or Winter.

Sockhead hat and mitts

Then the Winter came and I needed something warm for my head. I have a nice stash of sock yarn and decided to use something up. The Sockhead Hat pattern caught my eye and I knit it up in the Malabrigo sock yarn I got from a RAK. There was a bit left, so I made a pair of matching mitts.

Little Black Cowl

I also wanted a minimalistic cowl under my winter jacket, the scarves I have add too much bulk. I'd bought two hanks of thick yarn in Edinburgh a few years back. The tags have unfortunately got lost, so I have no idea of the maker. It's wool, or mostly wool, that I'm certain of.

This cowl only took one hank, and I was at a loss what to do with the other one. Until a colleague saw my cowl and asked for a pattern. I gave her the extra hank to go with the pattern.