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Friday, January 4


January 04, 2013 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Before the holidays, I worked hard to clear up the last of the moving boxes. The only boxes left now are the fabric boxes. I had planned to sort the fabrics and put them into storage, but it didn't happen.

What happened during the holidays was that I took the time off to enjoy my home and to spend time with Sona. Knit, play WoW, and have a Leverage marathon.


I hung two glass spheres with strings of LED lights in them in front of the window as Christmas decorations. They look perfect at night, and are very pretty during the day. I think I'll try to find something similar for tea light candles for the rest of the year. I moved the fabric boxes away from the window and put the rattan chair for the balcony next to the window. Then I made a nest for Sona in the chair as a temporary solution until summer.


He likes that the height of his new nest is lower than the previous one on top of the boxes. Possibly because now he gets the warm air from radiator, not the cold air from the window. He hides under the duvet a lot less now. One thing is certain, even when I move that chair to the balcony for the summer, I'll make a new nest for him right there. That corner is his place now.


I'm not entirely certain that the placement of the chair is the best one, but until the fabric boxes are gone, it stays there. The little round table and the side chair, in addition to the big chair, fit in that corner perfectly. I'm very happy with the furniture that I've got now. It fills all my needs and looks so pretty.


One of the things that I wanted from IKEA was a thin mattress for the bed. Not to make it softer, but to make it easier to make the bed. I didn't want to wrap my bedsheet under the thick mattress, because I was afraid that the old frame would stain it. The top mattress is also latex, and works exactly as I wanted it to. I'd like to find a fitted sheet for the thick mattress, or a bed skirt. Or both. Possibly.


I rearranged the books a bit, packed the cookery books that I rarely use and took them to the basement, put the dining table under the shelves, and bought a little tree. My SiL and brother gave me this crochet angel for Christmas one year and it fits perfectly on it. I am trying to keep it alive for as long as I can.


Perfect. I love how it is turning out, and I am exited to start a new year here.