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Monday, September 3

Oops! I did it again

September 03, 2012 Posted by Vaire , ,

I only wanted one side table for the new chair. I didn't plan to get any more. I was looking for a console table for the hall when this little beauty caught my eye.

I resisted it for a week, but when the ad was still up and I'd come to the conclusion that if I used the current side table to hold up the iMac, then what would stand beside my chair and hold my projects?

On an impulse I rang the seller and she told me that the lady who had booked it, didn't want it any more so it was available. Yay! I picked it up the following day and it is perfectly gorgeously stunning.

Intarsia side table

It matches the square table in the finish, the colour scheme and the intarsia style, but they are not too matchy. The rim shapes are different, the intarsia patterns are different and one is a square while the other is round. Perfect! I am satisfied with the amount of side tables I have (two) and I have stopped looking for more. (No, seriously! Two is enough.)

I have decided not to go for a vintage chair mostly because I wanted to choose the fabric, but the main reason was that I wanted to sit in it first. I did scan Blocket and various auction houses to get the feel for the styles of chairs appropriate to the era. To my delight, a classic wingback was manufactured and sold throughout the 30s in addition to the then ultra-modern styles.

On Saturday I went to Mio and took my time sitting in various wingback chairs. (IKEA does have one model, but it looks too modern and too flimsy.) Mio, on the other hand had several models of classic wingback chairs, and several more of modern (after the WWII) interpretations.

My favourite chair from their website did look equally awesome in the store, but it was surpassed in the sitting comfort by another model. That model happened also to be more classic, and have a smaller visual footprint.

In the end, I ordered the model Bristol in stripey medium grey twill. Classic pattern for a classic chair in modern colour. Since these chairs have many different fabric options, it had to be custom ordered and has a delivery time up to eight weeks.

Two months... The bad thing about two months is that I want to get rid of the old "sofa" right now. The good thing about two months is that I have two months to get rid of the old sofa, the piles of boxes and decide what to do with the iMac that broke AGAIN, so now I'm down to one iMac (AGAIN). To fix, or not to fix? That is the question.