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Wednesday, September 26

Maps, Routes, Stockholm and Apple

September 26, 2012 Posted by Vaire

I usually like what Apple is doing, both their hardware and software, their design, usability and functionality. Well, Apple, you really fucked up this time.

Stockholm is a complex and large city. One can not expect to walk around the block and end up in the same place one started from, and this is why I adored the Maps app on my iPhone. It helped me navigate the 3D maze that is Stockholm.

Yesterday Apple took away the app that worked, and was accurate, and installed something totally broken instead.

Apple maps route

Apple, you have got to be kidding me! Twenty kilometres to walk? I can't even begin to verbalise how ridiculously wrong you are. Fuck you, I'm going back to Google maps.

Google maps route

There. Much better. The right route, accurate footpaths, accurate time estimate. Sadly, instead of an app, I have to use their mobile web site instead, and I liked how the app interface worked.

Fuck you Apple, fuck you very much for breaking something that was beautiful, useful and accurate.

No love, me.