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Friday, April 27

The New Sofa

April 27, 2012 Posted by Vaire

Last Sunday was our building's spring cleaning day and I used the opportunity to get rid of a few things. I've been looking for a replacement for my small Klippan for a while, but I can't afford the sofas I like. That is until I saw Ruché by Ligne Roset, and realised that I already had a frame that I could use to make into a sofa.

Even better, the frame is for a single bed, and I already had a mattress. Sadly, the shape of the frame (rounded corners), the depth of the seat, and the thickness of my mattress was not suitable to making a straight copy of Ruché. So, I gave up on that idea.

I did not give up on the idea of making my old bed frame into a sofa because I still wanted a replacement for Klippan. Instead I decided to reuse the mattress and the pillows I already had to see if the frame actually would work as a sofa.

Tromsjö bed frame before

The only problem with the frame was that it was totally uninspiring grey. The current version of Tromsö is white and that would have been better, but after seeing my newest bed frame, I decided that I wanted it to be shiny black.

I originally bought only one can of paint, but ended up using a little more than two. Two would have probably been enough if I hadn't test-painted the night table.

I didn't take any photos of the frame during the painting because I didn't want to bring a camera to a room without any proper ventilation and lots of paint particles floating about.

Tromsjö bed frame painted black

I plan to replace the green bedspread with something else in the future. If this setup works as a sofa, I shall have some proper cushions made for the backrest, and the armrests. Then make some pretty covers for everything. For now this will do.